Side Effects of Seroquel and Drug Interactions

May 28th 2013 -

Seroquel is a drug with the primary purpose of treating and managing psychotic disorders and depression. However, one must realize that even if Seroquel is a drug meant to help people feel better, it can also have adverse effects if not taken properly.

If you are allergic to this drug you may experience one or more of the following:

• hives
• complexity in breathing
• inflammation of the face, tongue, lips and throat
Your depressive and psychotic symptoms may also worsen as you take the medication such as:
• mood swings and drastic changes in behavior
• anxiety and panic attacks
• insomnia and sleeplessness
• impulsive and aggressive behavior
• increased irritability
• agitation
• becoming more hostile
• mental and physical hyperactivity
• feel even more depressed
• suicidal tendencies can increase

Seroquel also comes with severe side effects if not taken under proper supervision and if instructions by the physician are not performed. It can severely result in:
• rigid muscles and inactivity
• very high fever
• severe sweating
• feeling confused all the time
• rapid and unequal heartbeats
• tremors and involuntary movements
• fainting feeling and spells
• uncontrollable jerky movements of the muscles
• having trouble and painful swallowing
• speech problems
• uncontrollable muscle movements in the eye, jaw, tongue, neck, arms and legs areas
• a mask-like appearance of the face
• vision impairment that includes blurred vision, painful eyes and halos in lights
• frequent urination and feeling thirsty all the time
• excessively hungry
• breath odor is fruity
• feeling weak
• dizziness and vomiting
• chills
• body malaise
• flu
• white patches and sores are observed inside the mouth
• heart failure
• sudden death

There are also a few less serious side effects that the drug can bring. But, even if these are less serious and many not result in immediate death, users are still warned. If these are not addressed immediately, it can lead to serious and severe side effects that are irreversible. The following side effects can be observed at a less severe degree:
• dizziness
• lethargy
• feeling tired all the time
• dry mouth and having constant sore throats
• stomach feels upset and pains on the stomach area
• nausea and constipation
• swelling of the breast area and discharges are observed
• irregular menstrual cycle with some missed months
• weight gain and increased hunger

It is because of these side effects that patients and physicians are required to take utmost precaution when taking and prescribing Seroquel. Furthermore, users are advised to avoid taking the following when under Seroquel to avoid the side effects mentioned above:
• medications for high blood pressure and Parkinson’s Disease
• steroids
• antibiotics and antifungal medications
• anti-malaria drugs
• medicine to regulate heartbeats
• medicine to treat HIV and AIDS
• narcotics like Methadose and Dolophines
• seizure and antidepressant medications
• medicine for migraine
This is not a complete list of all side effects and medications that could interact with Seroquel. If you want more and detailed information, it is best to talk with your doctor. Moreover, if you are taking any of the said medications and if you observe any of the said side effects, seek medical attention immediately.

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