Seroquel Reviews

May 28th 2013 -

For patients with psychotic disorders and depression, a popular medicine choice prescribed by physicians is Seroquel. It is a drug primarily formulated to help patients with bipolar, schizophrenia and depression manage their conditions and feel better. Patients who were under the medications received varying results. Some felt better while there are others who wanted a different medication because of certain side effects they observed.

One user has found Seroquel to be very helpful in his life. He was used to taking high antidepressant drugs but he had to give up taking those because of some side effects. He now takes Seroquel and has given him great results. It allows him to sleep better and feel calm even after long hours of working on a very demanding job. He takes about 100mg of the said drug before eating dinner to help with his appetite as well. He would not recommend taking the drug during the day because it can inhibit better performance and good communication during work. Reading from other people’s experiences, there are certain drugs, food, and activities that can interpolate the effects of Seroquel but in his case, it has saved his life. The drug may be costly but definitely worth it.

Another user has found Seroquel to be highly effective in managing his psychotic symptoms. He claims the medication to be very hard as one need to be asleep for more than 12 hours after ingesting during the first week. Then, upon waking up, the patient will be in somewhat a trance – like an intoxicated state. It is very hard to wake up during the first week and there is nothing that could have woken him from his sleep but during this time of medication, it is very important to listen to what the body tells you.

Therefore, he decided to rest for a week and after that, the feeling suddenly just went away. This feeling may also be attributed to the fact that he just went off Risperidone, another medication for such disorder. However, there is one side effect he experienced and that is excessive sweating. He sweats a lot and it would take a long time for him to cool down. His dyskensic side effect also went away when he started using Seroquel. But he had to stop the medication in a month because he was allergic to it i.e. very tight throat and trouble swallowing food.

So far, more people are claiming to have had positive results with Seroquel. They have managed to control certain activities, emotions, and mindset that they previously had no control over. Seroquel gave more patients hope that they can do better and live a better life without harming and causing any trouble to other people. These reviews are a testament that Seroquel can work for more patients and that they can get better. However, it is very important that doctors and patients take necessary precautions when taking and prescribing this because aside from allergies, they may experience other severe and serious side effects.

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